4th of July Dog Edition

The big 4th is right around the corner. As we prepare for the parties, barbeques, beaches and fireworks, keep in mind your pup might not be the biggest fan of the holiday. We’ve got a few tips to keep your pup safe for the 4th of July. Keep Fido inside: If you’re having people over [...]

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Father’s Day for Dog Dads

It’s finally Friday and it’s Father’s Day weekend...how paw-fect! This post is dedicated to all those dog dads out there. We will start off with some fun pictures, jump into a few dog dad gift ideas and end with some jokes.   Dog Dad Gifts: Dog Ball Launcher’s: These Chuckit ball launchers are genious. Great for [...]

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Friday Fur-Funnies

Her-ro! We want to share some cute dog memes, funny jokes and some activities you can do with your dog this weekend in the city! Enjoy!   Now for some jokes: Q: Why did the dog cross the road? A: To get to the "barking" lot! Q: What kind of dog does Dracula have? A: [...]

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Things to Do With Your Dog in TriBeCa

Looking for fun things to do with your dog in TriBeCa? Well, this post is pawfect for you and your pup! We’ve complied a list of some fun activities!   1: Dog Parks Bring Fido to Hudson River Park's Dog Run, as the newest addition to the park is just for dogs! Dog Run is between [...]

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